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Fan Art is Coming! Fan Art Is Coming!

In preparation for hosting fanart on the AO3 (that is, you will soon be able to upload art directly to our servers and not just link it from elsewhere), we are revising the official Terms of Service and our FAQ!

As always, we actively seek and very much appreciate feedback on all archive policies. The coding for fanart is still underway, and there is time to make changes, so if there's anything in this draft that concerns you, please let us know.

Here are the proposed additions to the FAQ:

* When can I use pictures I have made on the archive?

The basic rule is that a fanwork based on an existing work should be transformative. Transformation means adding something new, in meaning or message, to the original. We consider that fanart, like fan fiction, is generally transformative. Please remember that the ratings and warnings policies apply to images.

You can also use pictures you've made to complement a fanwork--so, if you are illustrating a story, you can use illustrations of the setting, the original characters, or anything else that fits with the story, as long as you otherwise follow the content policy.

We do not allow sexually explicit photos of minors, nor images manipulated so that they look like sexually explicit photos of minors (even if the manipulation is obvious). This is necessary for us to comply with US law, which has special rules for photographs and video of human beings under age 18. In addition, under Section IV.H of the Terms of Service, we may remove content, including photos or drawings, when we determine that it is necessary to resolve a threatened or pending lawsuit. We will not screen or ban images for offensiveness.

* When can I use existing (nonmanipulated) pictures in my fanworks on the archive?

The basic rule is that a fanwork should be transformative. Transformation means adding something new, in meaning or message, to the original. Existing works, including pictures, can be part of a transformative work. Please remember that the ratings and warnings policies apply to images.

When you're using an existing picture, commentary and critique are particularly favored kinds of transformativeness. A use that highlights the way that framing, angle, or other pictorial elements affect the pictures’ meaning; a use that draws attention to the roles of different people in the pictures; and a use that contrasts different pictures are all examples of potential transformation. Humor can also be transformative: unlikely subtitles may change the meaning of the picture substantially. Commentary can be explicit or implicit, as when it’s done by pointed contrasts between images, where the use of a picture recontextualizes it and gives it new meaning.

The number of pictures should be appropriate to the purpose: if you’re illustrating the relationship of a character’s costumes to her story arc, then you are likely to need more pictures than if you merely want to introduce the character so your audience knows what s/he looks like.

Where possible, credit or attribution to the original source of your image is also helpful.

We have drawn on the American University Center for Social Media’s Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video in our discussion here. You may find a full copy of the code here if you want to see more detailed discussion and examples, though they are focused on video.

* When can I use pictures in my skins on the archive?

We generally consider skins containing pictures to be fanworks, so please follow the guidelines in the sections above. In addition, since skins are created by individual users, the OTW does not endorse particular skins in any way. We do screen public skins for technical compliance, to limit the proliferation of public skins in order to keep the public skins feature usable for other people, and for obvious violations of the content policy, but it's the user's responsibility to make sure a skin complies.

You can use pictures you've made for skins, even if they aren't fanworks, as long as you otherwise follow the content policy--e.g., you can use a picture of the view from your window.

You can put attributions for images in your skins into a comment like this:

/* This image comes from SOURCE and is used here for INSERT TRANSFORMATIVE PURPOSE */
header { background: url(http://url/of/image.jpg); }

Here is the current text in the Terms of Service about user icons, which are the only artworks currently on the archive:

J. User Icons

User icons should be appropriate for general audiences. They should not contain depictions of genital nudity or explicit sexual activity. For more information, please refer to the ToS FAQ.

Here is the proposed new text of the Terms of Service for our new expanded set of artwork:

J. Images

A. User icons

User icons should be appropriate for general audiences. They should not contain depictions of genital nudity or explicit sexual activity. For more information, please refer to the ToS FAQ.

B. Other images

Other images are subject to the general content policy, including the ratings and warnings policy. No sexually explicit photographs of minors (people under age 18) or sexually explicit photomanipulations that appear to be pictures of minors (people under age 18) are allowed. For more information, please refer to the ToS FAQ.

Relatedly, we propose to delete the last paragraph of Section IV.D, which currently reads:

Please note that the first version of the Archive will only host text and user icons. Future policies will focus on other media.

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/throws a party
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[personal profile] elf 2011-09-02 10:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Pondering--I thought the FAQ/TOS would need a section on tagging some artwork explicit and potentially requiring a non-explicit thumbnail version of it, and an age warning on the site.

I'd picked up the impression, during Strikethrough, that some images were legal for adults but not for minors, hence the 18+ restrictions on some magazine sales. But wading through California law bits online (which is what I checked then, because LJ was in CA), all I can find is notes that "harmful matter" a.k.a. "obscene matter" can't be sold to minors. And to be "harmful," it has to lack serious artistic value.

I won't say "all fanart has serious artistic value," but I'm comfortable with the statement that most of it does. The OTW may, however, want to be ready to describe the artistic value of some of the more explicit pieces on the site, or assist the artists in describing that value in a way that a court would accept. (I can see a potential need for more write-ups like [personal profile] icarus' review of Ponderosa's artwork and the ban, about one of the pieces connected to Boldthrough.)

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Thanks for the comments. We anticipate that the same ratings and warnings policies will apply as for text, but since things like thumbnails haven't been set technically we will keep an eye on the issue.
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This is so exciting!! I can't wait!!!!
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Sparklers and cake for everyone! This is great news. Congratulations to all who worked on this one.

One question. The ToS changes described in this post and the existing ToS only prohibit sexually explicit images of real minors. However, the chilling effect of round-the-world lawsuits and hullabaloos about fictional minors compel me to ask, how does the archive feel about sexually explicit but non-photographic images of characters under 18? (If this has already been answered/discussed elsewhere, just a link to that elsewhere would be awesome. Thank you!)
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The Content and Legal teams will be doing some official responses to the questions left on this post, but in the meantime this is partially address in this thread on the LJ mirror.

Hope that helps!

OTW Communications
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Thank you! Yes, that helps, I'll join in over on LJ.
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